Our Cam-view™ product line offers a new and completely wireless video alarm solution that is self-powered, motion sensitive with night lights and uses a cell phone service to send its video images to the central monitoring station. An operator sees the intrudor and immediately calls the police and your designated representatives that an alarm is in progress "right now!". The intrusion is "verified" and the police will respond accordingly.

Videofied RSI verifiedThis portable video security system is designed to help you and the police apprehend the perpetrators while they are committing the crime -- not just see them in yesterday's video recordings on a digital video recorder (DVR).

This short Fox News video shows you how the system catches thieves in the act and is our best reference.
(if the movie does not play, cut and past it into your browser window)

This new wireless video security system prices start at about $1,000.00.
· Wireless video cameras with built in motion sensors and Infrared lights
· Eliminate false alarms
· No wiring -- low set-up cost , and is portable and easily moved to new locations
· No AC power is required -- battery life up to four years
· Connects with the Central Monitoring Station via cell phone


WHW Enterprises also offers our high-performance DVR video surveillance solution that is also portable and self-contained. It can include multiple cameras, license plate capture technology and digital storage capabilities. Cam-View™ systems provide real-time video surveillance and project management. Designed for construction companies, land developers, manufacturing companies, and storage businesses, the cost for Cam-View™ products are considerably less than that of security guard services.

WHW's approach to customer satisfaction centers on providing comprehensive solutions to solve security problems. Our expertise in real estate development, Internet technologies, and high resolution video combines to produce innovative and cost-effective systems that address your specific needs. As a result, WHW has emerged as a leader and innovator in the rapidly changing world of video surveillance.

Some Advantages:

  • Internet-based, self-contained video camera system
  • Twenty-four hour real-time video surveillance
  • Reduction of theft and vandalism
  • View multiple cameras via PC in the comfort of your office, home or anywhere in the world
  • Specialized license plate reader cameras for clear accurate details not seen by standard video cameras
  • Wireless cameras for addtional coverage of a site
  • Internet controlled pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Stores several months of images on hard drive for immediate retrieval
  • Quick and easy set up; transportable and temporary
  • Sturdy, tamper-proof system designed for construction sites and industrial areas
  • No purchase necessary; reasonably priced monthly rental

For system details contact us at or (415) 265-0093.